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Out-of-the-box collection efficiency

OptiCollect enables corporates to operate most efficiently when managing the collection of recurring customer payments. By seamlessly integrating with our client’s ERP, OptiCollect processes collections through personalised and targeted interactions and leverages machine-learned data to better understand customer behaviour.

Engage better with OptiCollect

Engage better

Personalised customer engagement and interactions throughout the collections lifecycle.

  • Real-time engagement
  • Personalisation based on customer behaviour
  • Deep segmentation and A/B testing
  • Triggered customer communication
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Collet more with OptiCollect

Collect more

Revenue optimisation through deep segmentation, best cost routing and auto-workflow triggers.

  • Increased collections efficiency
  • Increased customer persistence
  • Reduction in customer arrears
  • Alternative payment channels
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Automate business processes with OptiCollect

Automate business processes

Codified business processes and rules in order to spend more time on optimisation, than resolving issues.

  • Straight-through-processing
  • Reduced cost-to-serve
  • Invoice to collection reconciliations
  • Performance tracking and KPIs
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OptiCollect is Extendable


Leverage and bolt-on additional financial services plug-ins and applets as your business evolves.

  • Alternative payment channels
  • Customer and supplier data verification
  • Client disbursements and rewards
  • ERP plug-ins and webhooks
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Safe, secure & future-proof

Your trust and the security of your business is of paramount importance to us so we're committed to protecting your account with the highest standards of security available.

Serverless infrastructure

Serverless infrastructure

Our cloud-based platform integrates with your ERP and updates automatically.

Everything is encrypted

Everything is encrypted

We use state-of-the-art security measures when handling your financial information.

Future-proof technology

Future-proof technology

OptiCollect is constantly evolving to keep ahead of regulatory changes in the collections industry.

Dedicated support 24/7

Dedicated support 24/7

If you have any questions, our dedicated team of experts are on hand to help, 24/7.

Frequently asked questions


Firstly, OptiCollect remains your tool and your data. OptiCollect, a platform as a service, facilitates full collection optimisation automation with the ability to dynamically switch between collection channels. OptiCollect integrates with a client’s ERP through web services or flat-file integration, to acquire the client contract data needed for processing collections.

OptiCollect is charged on an ad valorem basis. Please contact our business development team for more information.

Getting started

Please contact our business development team to set up a free OptiCollect demo.

All client implementations start with an Activation Workshop. Leveraging Fintec Labs’ Collections Capability Maturity Model, our experts partner with clients to assess their end-to-end collection operations. We help identify bottlenecks and barriers to optimisation, and calculate what improvements would yield the highest return on investment - with a clear plan and roadmap to get there.

We also offer one-week implementation TechHacks. Our IT experts work with client technology teams to fast-track integration and testing efforts. We have found that clients who leverage our TechHacks save up to 50% in overall OptiCollect integration and implementation costs.

OptiCollect has two integration options: web services and flat-file. Most of our clients start with flat-file integration and once web service development has been completed, they move over to full STP processing. Initial flat-file development normally takes between one and three weeks, depending on the maturity of our client’s technology.

An agreed integration flight plan and milestones can be used to manage activation, however, experience points to higher success rates when a dedicated client-side PM and BA is involved in the project.

High-level standard test cases are provided, however, all parties are responsible to identify and sign-off key test cases, integration and data integrity.

Fintec Labs provides custom, sprint-based, IT development should you have resourcing constraints or require bespoke application development. Please contact the Fintec Labs business development team for more information.


OptiCollect has always been built with DebiCheck (authenticated collections) in mind. The interfaces between your ERP system and OptiCollect has been built on similar formats to ensure much of the work done on DebiCheck can be re-used for OptiCollect implementation.

OptiCollect stores and displays all results on the front-end user interface. In addition, daily enhanced submission and result files are produced and made available to the client to import and perform their own recons and update their financial reporting.

Once your collection process is configured and automated via the front-end user interface, you will still have the ability to change collection amounts, dates and other collection information via the API interfaces. In addition, the Recall API allows you to retract a collection(s) from the process. Your OptiCollect account manager will take you through all the interfaces and the break-glass procedures.

As part of the risk mitigated launch process, OptiCollect strives to first replicate your existing collection rules to ensure nothing is broken. Once this is established, the OptiCollect team will assist you in making controlled changes in your segments and establish processes to optimise your collection results.

OptiCollect has been designed to store data points every step of the way. Our data science team is at the ready to come and assist you with analysing and modelling the data to further optimise your collections.


OptiCollect has been built on Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure. Security and best practice is enforced and tested via third party penetration test providers. Your data is kept separate from all other OptiCollect instances so client data is never shared or housed together.

Support and break-glass procedures are in place and will be tested during the full end-to-end testing phase. A dedicated support team is available to assist and support you every step of the way.

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