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DebiCheck ready

DebiCheck ready

Our DebiCheck widget allows you to initiate DebiCheck authentication requests and subsequently collect with minimal effort.

Auto-retry logic

Auto-retry logic

Automatic re-submission when an exceptions occurs to minimise unpaids.

Triggered comms

Triggered comms

Triggered, personal and real-time two-way communication with customers via WhatsApp.

Auto dunning

Auto dunning

Event-based triggers to automatically manage debt recovery processes.

OptiCollect Get Going Fast

Get going fast

We offer an activation workshop with an optional TechHack to assist our clients with unpacking business, technology and operational requirements needed for activating OptiCollect.

The output of the activation workshop includes current and future client/customer journey maps, client business case, technical designs and an implementation plan.

Leveraging our Collections Capability Maturity Model, our experts partner with clients to assess their end-to-end collection operations. We help identify bottlenecks and barriers to optimisation and calculate what improvements would yield you the highest return on your investment – with a clear roadmap to get there.

We offer three day implementation TechHacks at Fintec HQ, with your technology team, to fast-track integration and testing efforts. We have found that clients who leverage our TechHacks save up to 75% in overall OptiCollect integration and implementation costs.

OptiCollect Digital first

Digital first

The key to an analytics-driven optimisation is an entirely digital process with data collection points throughout a client’s end-to-end business process.

Our ERP connectors allow clients to activate and extend OptiCollect regardless of their business and technology maturity. We turn your collection book into an ISO and DebiCheck regulation-ready engine, with the ability to switch seamlessly between EDO and EFT collection channels.

We assist you in choosing the optimal customer authentication or verification type and process at your point of sale, as well as converting your legacy back book.

OptiCollect - No black boxes here

No black boxes here

With our configurable customer segmentation and engagement engines, clients gain immediate control and knowledge of the micro-segments in their book.

Ability to create industry, segment and customer behaviour-based rules to trigger the right collection and customer communication instrument, at the right time. Reduce costs by only using the DebiCheck collection channel when required.

Personalised auto-triggered one-way and two-way customer communication allows you to get in touch with customers, how and when it is most convenient to them.

Boost your collection efficiency rate by crafting pinpoint insights to distinguish the bad ones. Experiment with risk-free rule changes leveraging A/B testing functionality. Alternative payment and collection channels provide customers with flexibility, allowing you to collect more, more often.

OptiCollect - Settle & Reconcile
Settle & Reconcile

Manage cash flow better

Real-time reconciliations as business events occur to help clients better manage cash flow and business exceptions.

Triggered pay-outs, based on specific business rules, allows you to settle payments near real-time.

Optimised reconciliation process with daily matching on an invoice level ensures simpler and more effective completeness, accuracy and validity checks. Improved with timely and regular sight of collection statuses and cashflow forecasting.

Real-time results tracking allows our clients to get into contact with customers, partners or banks as exceptions occur.

Your data belongs to you. Export the data you need for further analysis or reporting.

OptiCollect - Manage

Stay in control of your business, wherever you are

Real-time monitoring and reporting across the collection value chain to ensures that our clients know what is happening within their business.

Understand what drives your collection efficiency rates and see the results in near real-time on any device. Only focus on what really needs your attention. Understand your collection cost drivers and discover trends in your efficiency rates across product lines.

Role-level permissions allow you to allocate only the level of access necessary for a user to perform their role, mitigating security risks, supporting compliance and company policies.

Support, business continuity and secure financial transactions are the life-blood of a client’s business. We manage your risk with bank-grade processing, cloud-based uptime and security. Our dedicated platform engineering and product control teams pro-actively monitor client platforms to ensure up-time and processing within agreed SLAs.

OptiCollect - Extend

Minimise disputes by putting your customers back in control

Get DebiCheck ready in a week, realise the intended benefits from DebiCheck and enable your customers to authenticate themselves.

Save on big project investments by leveraging Fintec Labs’ secure DebiCheck applet. Our applets are easy and cost effective to integrate with and keeps you future-proof with auto-updates as industry regulations change.

Research indicates that consumers are 75% more likely to engage via WhatsApp over SMS, email or other traditional communication channels. Our WhatsApp for business integration allows you to engage in two-way real-time interactions with consumers, enabling them to self-manage DebiCheck authentications and amendments.

Built-in OptiCollect integration allows you to only DebiCheck collect customers who really require it, saving you money and optimising revenue.

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