OptiCollect is DebiCheck ready

Our DebiCheck integration applet allows you to enable all DebiCheck authentication channels by only implementing a few lines of code. Gain the customer and business benefits DebiCheck offers without the effort.

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Minimise disputes by putting your customers back in control

Get DebiCheck ready in a week, realise the intended benefits from DebiCheck and enable your customers to authenticate themselves.

Save on big project investments by leveraging Fintec Labs’ secure DebiCheck applet. Our applets are easy and cost-effective to integrate with and keeps you future-proof with auto-updates as industry regulations change.

Research indicates that consumers are 75% more likely to engage via WhatsApp over SMS, email or other traditional communication channels. Our WhatsApp for business integration allows you to engage in two-way real-time interactions with consumers, enabling them to self-manage DebiCheck authentications and amendments.

Built-in OptiCollect integration allows you to only DebiCheck collect customers who really require it, saving you money and optimising revenue.

Choose your authentication methods

Choose your authentication methods

Initiate the DebiCheck authentication method best suited to your industry, products and relevant customer segments directly from your ERP or CRM solution.

Available authentication types include:

  • Push USSD
  • Mobile & internet banking
  • ATM
  • Card device
Maximise customer acceptance rates

Maximise customer acceptance rates

Provide your customers with the ability to easy-retry when authentication errors occur to increase customer acceptance rates and reduce costly re-engagement.

Collect every time

Collect every time

OptiCollect integration ensure that your customers’ mandates are scheduled for collection in the event their DebiCheck authentication request fails.

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